Online MAC Address Vendor Lookup

This tool finds the name of the company that manufactured network equipment based on a Ethernet MAC (media access control) address or Bluetooth device address.

To search for the vendor for a certain OUI, enter a MAC-address in the search box below.

MAC address:
Locally administered:

You can (at least) use any of the following common formats to enter MAC addresses:

  • nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn
  • nn-nn-nn-nn-nn-nn
  • nnnn.nnnn.nnnn
  • nnnnnnnnnnnn
Where n is a hexadecimal digit.

Alternatively, you can just enter an OUI like 00-20-F2 or a Bluetooth NAP+UAP pair, for instance B8F9:34, instead of the full address.

The tool also checks two bits in the MSB of the MAC address for locally administered addresses (u/l bit is set) and whether the address is an individual (unicast) address or a multicast group address.
The value of these bits is shown in the respective checkboxes below the search field.

The list of OUI assignments that this page uses is refreshed automatically twice a week from the IEEE.