• Bulk Geocoder: This is a simple tool to update CSV files containing addresses with coordinates using the Google Maps API.

  • MAC2Vendor: MAC2Vendor is a tool to identify the manufacturer of network equipment given a Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth layer2 MAC address.

  • GSMtool: This utility can be used to find the mobile provider that an IMSI belongs to or to list mobile providers by Mobile Network Code and/ or Mobile Country Code.

  • Timetool: Timetool converts between UNIX epoch timestamps and human readable time in your browsers current timezone.

  • Hexdump: Hexdump is an experimental online hexdump utility. As of now, it only accepts files up to 8k in size, which it already processes very slowly.

These tools are all recently adapted from server-side scripts to javascript. Testing has so far only been done on Webkit based browsers, they may break on Firefox or Internet Explorer.