Isquared 2005-2012

After some glitches getting nginx to work with IPv6 the new Octopress based is online!

For the occasion I did some digital archeology and found the 2005 version of this website back on, first archived at 2007, it seems. That page was an attempt to have a uinique visual design, but it was a pain to maintain and it had terrible rendering inconsistencies between browsers. Also it was a pain to fit content in the layout.

Enter early 2008, the previous design. The first version was based on thttpd and, I believe, Perl CGI on a Cobalt Qube. That did not perform very well due to lack of caching. The second revision was based on HTML::Mason and Apache with mod_perl, using the same layout. And it lasted until yesterday. ;)

So now we’re running with static pages generated by octopress on nginx. The only thing that is open for now is how I’ll reimplement the tools that require dynamic content. Probably I will rewrite them using an API server that I made a start with in the past.