New Webpage

This webpage hasn’t seen much activity in the past year. One of the reasons is that the homebrew content management system that I’ve been using was hindering me more than it should.

Another reason is Twitter, it’s much more convenient to send a quick tweet than to update my own page. Still, some things just beg for more than 140 characters. And that is the reason that I’m keeping this page as a blog.

To make it easier to update the blog, I’m switching to Octopress to manage its content. The good thing about this is that Octopress is generating static content, which makes it a lot easier to host its pages. My homegrown CMS was based on HTML::Mason and SQLite as its database engine. It worked, but it lacked important features like previewing new content before publishing, Octopress fixes that for me.

The only problem that the switch creates is that tools like mac2vendor require server side scripting and these still need to be migrated.

And then there is a little issue of breaking the old links. Probably this is fixable with an nginx config to send 301’s for the old URL’s.