Nintendo DS Flash Card Oops

I’ve ordered a new toy to experiment with, the DS Brut. This is an Arduino compatible Slot 1 card for the Nintendo DS that provides IO ports to the DS using the SPI on Slot 1. To be able to use it, I had to replace my current Slot 1 flash card with a Slot 2 variant. For a few Euros, I found a second-hand Supercard Lite, that also includes 32 MB of extra RAM! Being my stupid self, I just had to open the card to peek inside. By doing so, I tore off a small foil cable between a PCB with the Micro SD slot and the main PCB. Oooops

30 Minutes of frustration with wire-wrap wire later, I managed to replace the torn foil cable with something a lot less professional. ;-)

Pff, those were some narrow traces. I’d like to use the occasion to thank my parents for buying me my first soldering iron when I was aged six or so.

To be continued when my DS Brut arrives!