Sitecom WL-340 Shell Commands via HTTP

My local Media Markt (a large German chain of electronics stores) had some cheap NAT routers for sale. Out of curiosity I bought one. This router (the Sitecom WL-340) runs Linux and the internal console port is nicely labeled and that alone made me buy two more as you can never have too much hardware to play with. ;)

When poking around in these boxes I found that they have a nice hidden web page to run commands on these boxes. You can access this page as /system_command.htm on your routers webinterface.

I thought it might be useful to access this command shell from scripts, so that you can use stock WL-340s for various “unintended” purposes. ;)
With the help of the amazing Firebug extension for Firefox I managed to use the remote command facility of these routers from the shell. Like so:

hessch@kirchhoff:~$ curl -s -o- -u admin -d command='cat /proc/cpuinfo' \
    -d next_file=system_command.htm -d todo=system_command \ | \
        sed -n '/outlog_Display/,/\/textarea/{/textarea/d;p}'
Enter host password for user 'admin':
system type     : Ralink SoC
processor       : 0
cpu model       : MIPS 24K V4.12
BogoMIPS        : 212.99
wait instruction    : yes
microsecond timers  : yes
tlb_entries     : 32
extra interrupt vector  : yes
hardware watchpoint : yes
ASEs implemented    : mips16 dsp
VCED exceptions     : not available
VCEI exceptions     : not available

Now, this only needs a small wrapper shell script and it’s ready for (ab)use. I’ll probably post some more hacks based on these boxes later on.