via IPv6

My ISP, XS4All started a pilot with native IPv6 over DSL, which I eagerly joined. I had been playing with 6to4 tunnels for a few years, but the old Cisco routers that I used lacked performance and reliability was also an issue.

Well both issues were actually solved a year ago when I terminated my Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel in a Apple Airport Express. But alas, the Express added a new problem: it routes IPv6 to the wireless network only!

Well, all these issues seem to be solved now. IPv6 is now present on both my wired and wireless networks and my Juniper firewall doesn’t seem to break a sweat.

And as a test should now be reachable via IPv6 at the address If this test is successful this website will be available via IPv6 without the dubdubdub pretty soon too.

As an bonus, I’ve added a small “Your IP address is” row to the navigation bar on the left, to see whether your source address is IPv6 or IPv4. And you might find it useful to test your anonymizing proxy, etc… ;-)