Soviet Russian UKNC Video Connector Pinout

I recently bought a old Soviet PDP-11 compatible computer on Ebay, the UKNC (УКНЦ in Russian) an educational computer system with a formfactor somewhat like the Commodore Amiga.

I’m still struggling to bring the machine back to life, the biggest hurdle is that most of the documentation about this machine is (of course) in Russian only, and I don’t speak any Russian at all. Google translate is a big help, and translating to Russian to Google for information helps a lot.

This way, I finally found the pinout of the video connectors on the machine, these are 10-pin headers on the back of the machine, labeled “вм”. To document this for myself, and maybe for someone else whom might benefit from this, I’ve posted the pinout of these connectors here:

  1 |o o| 2          1 - blue         2 - gnd
  3 |o o| 4          3 - green        4 - gnd
  5 |o o| 6          5 - red          6 - gnd
  7 |o o| 8          7 - sound        8 - gnd
  9 |o o| 10         9 - composite   10 - sync?